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We specialize in Restaurant, Retail, and Hospitality Real Estate Brokerage. Working with clients to find and negotiate deals on leases and sales for commercial spaces.

In addition to real estate sales and marketing, focus on help market existing businesses for sale, key money, provide consulting services for restaurants, hotels and hospitality groups.

Our expertise is in developing highly effective operational systems, management procedures, hospitality services, staff training, beverage, menu & mystery shopping programs.

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How It's Work

If you're looking to open a new restaurant or buy an existing restaurant, there's no shortage of challenges to solve: location, concept, menu, staffing and much more.

We can come alongside you to help you build the foundation of a strong, profitable restaurant.

Each project undertake is carefully evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine who will be best suited to execute the deliverables.














Our Talented Team members

Bound by a common dream, Our Team embarks on a relentless pursuit of excellence, Fueled by a shared passion and a commitment to empowering one another.

Regina Nurtdinova

Co-Founder, Head of Commercial Real Estate, Chief People Officer

Salvatore Camuti

Co-founder, Head of Technical Operations, Chef with more than 25 Years Experience, Project Manager

Olya Tichshenko

Marketing Manager

Antony Samuel

Accountant & Auditor

Shirish Kumar

Architect & Projects Engineer

Avinash Mohan

Food and Beverage Concept Creator

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Clients Feedback

Thanks to the expertise of Blue Orange , we found the perfect location for our restaurant. Their knowledge of the market and their ability to negotiate deals on leases made the process smooth and hassle-free. Highly recommended!

Jacob William

Blue Orange consulting services were invaluable in developing our restaurant concept. They provided innovative solutions and guided us every step of the way, ensuring our success. Their expertise in operations and marketing was truly impressive.

Kelian Anderson

With Blue Orange assistance, we were able to sell our business quickly and efficiently. Their expertise in marketing existing businesses and their network of potential buyers made all the difference. Thank you for a job well done!

Adam Joseph

We are extremely satisfied with Blue Orange marketing services. Their social media campaigns increased our brand awareness significantly and brought in new customers. Their dedication to targeting the right audience was impressive

James Carter
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